We are a group of veterans actively working in the technology industry that have taken up the challenge to support those that have served this country proudly. Job entry into the technology realm has a unique set of challenges which we will be there to provide multiple levels of support through their career cycle.

We operate under our three founding principles of:

Serving Those Who Have Served– Philosophy of reciprocating the high level of loyalty and commitment towards active duty members, veterans and spouses as they have done for our nation.

Strength of Many– Create an environment where everyone contributes towards supporting others in need. A system where regardless of career level everyone can help one another.

Circle of Generosity– Extending help to those anticipating the gesture is reciprocated to others in need. Hopefully this is something that can stand the test of time by those helped get into their career field can assist the next generation.

Why the name? We selected something with true meaning and as a symbol of the our mission of support within the veteran community. The general definition of the word Archangel is:

“Archangels are great warriors with a specific mission as defenders of good and protector of those in times of need.”

Additional Information: