IT Position Types

If you have landed on this page trying to determine how to start a career in technology you have landed in the right place.

Many veterans immediately want to jump into a technology role only to find out it can be more complex than expected. No need to worry we can help provide the information needed to make that decision. Also to note, in the event you select a role now to find out later it’s not for you lateral movement into another area is always an option.

The following list is common grouping of technology roles:

Help Desk

Information Security
Software Development
Web Development
Project Management

Further breakdown of the roles within the groups are:

Help desk:
Help desk Support Specialist
Help desk Technician
Help desk Analyst

Desktop Administrator
Desktop Support Technician
Desktop Support Analyst
Desktop Engineer
Desktop Architect

Systems Administrator
Systems Engineer
Sr. Systems Engineer
Systems Architect

Network Administrator
Network Engineer
Sr. Network Engineer
Network Architect
Voice Administrator
Voice Engineer
Sr. Voice Engineer
Wireless Network Engineer
Sr. Wireless Network Engineer

Cloud Administrator
Cloud Engineer
Sr. Cloud Engineer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Principle
Cloud Consultant

Information Security:
Information Security Analyst
Security Engineer
Penetration Tester

Security Architect
Security Administrator
Information Assurance Analyst
Computer Forensics Analyst
Incident Responder
Threat Analyst
IT Auditor
CyberSecurity Consultant
Risk Management

Software Development:
Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineer
Software Developer
Junior Analyst
Quality Tester

Web Development:
Front End Developer
Senior Web Administrator
Senior Web Developer
Web Administrator
Web Developer

Database Administrator
Database Developer
Database Analyst
Sr. Database Administrator

Project Management:
Project Manager
Sr. Project Manager
Program Manager
Portfolio Manager

Chief Information Systems Officer (CISO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
VP of Information Technology
Director of Technology
IT Director
IT Manager
IT Supervisor

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